cancun x LookBook Outlet Store Dress – Putting on the Dancing Shoes

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It doesn’t matter if you’re lounging by a fireside or listening to the live sounds of a jazz band, these incredibly comfortable cancun x Lookbook Outlet Store dress slippers will keep your feet tapping. Elegance and taste are the official statement, and practicality the underlying message.

They can only be called slippers because they slip on and conform so well to your feet. The textile uppers have a metallic surface, blending well with semi-formal pants attire or your favorite designer cut jeans. The soles are high-quality stitched hard leather, with a slightly stacked, threaded rubber heel and squared toes. Light marks can be removed with a damp cloth. The style is available only in UK size nine.

Some features of this dress are:
Stretch back
V-shaped back cut-out
Front floral lace overlay
Halter neckline
Tassel trim

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